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If you want to install a stairway chairlift in lieu of other accessibility requirements under the Minnesota State Building Code, you may apply for a code waiver from the Access Review Board.

Access Review Board members

  • Karen Gridley, board chairperson, Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry

  • David Fenley, Minnesota Council on Disability

  • William Reinke, Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry, chief elevator inspector

  • Audel Shokohzadeh, Minnesota Department of Human Rights

  • Marvin Forbragd, Minnesota Department of Public Safety, State Fire Marshal's Office


There will be no in-person meetings due to the COVID-19 pandemic. See Minnesota Statute 13D.021 for remote meeting requirements. Meetings will occur by Webex. View Webex instructions: interactive instructions and printable. To ensure your ability to connect, attempt log in at least five minutes prior to the start of the meeting. Contact Lyndy Logan at or 651-284-5912 for more information, if you are unable to connect to the meeting or to be added to the meeting notice email list.

March 9, 2022, 9:30 a.m., Webex meeting instructions

Meeting materials


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March 9, 2022 Agenda
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Green meeting practices

The State of Minnesota is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of this event by following green meeting practices. DLI is minimizing the environmental impact of its events by following green meeting practices. DLI encourages you to use electronic copies of handouts or to print them on 100% post-consumer processed chlorine-free paper, double-sided.


Final decisions issued by the board


For help with questions about Minnesota Accessibility Code requirements or the waiver process, contact Karen Gridley, Access Review Board chairperson, at or 651-284-5877.