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Minnesota Statutes, section 176.181, subdivision 2, requires all employers to either purchase workers' compensation insurance to provide benefits to their employees for work-related injuries or obtain approval from the Minnesota Department of Commerce permitting self-insurance upon proof of the employer's financial ability to do so.

No minimum employees 

There is no minimum number of employees an employer must have before insurance is required; therefore, an employer with only one part-time employee generally must provide coverage. Several penalties may be assessed against employers that fail to properly insure their employees.

What are employees?

Employees are generally defined as people performing services for another, for hire, including minors, part-time workers and workers who are not citizens. Information about limited exceptions to mandatory coverage are explained in a workers' compensation insurance fact sheet.

The Special Compensation Fund unit investigates employers that may not have carried workers' compensation insurance coverage for employees. Results of these mandatory coverage investigations may be referred for civil penalty action (see Fines and penalties for failure to insure).

Guide to state laws about workers' compensation

How to obtain workers' compensation coverage

  • Workers' compensation insurance in Minnesota may be purchased through an insurance agent or directly from an insurance company. Learn more ...

Report a business that does not have workers' compensation coverage

  • To report a business that does not have workers' compensation coverage, you do not need to give your name. You may complete an online form or contact DLI's Special Compensation Fund unit at 651-284-5950 or