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With Work Comp Campus, insurers and self-insurers have access to a more efficient system for submitting documentation, correcting errors, and resolving claims and disputes, to help minimize their costs.

Insurers and self-insurers are able to view their files quickly and completely online, and benefit from full electronic data interchange (EDI) reporting. Insurers and self-insurers have the capability to receive requests for information and any penalties from the Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) quickly, allowing more time for response.

Benefits for insurers, self-insurers

  • The ability to easily receive and respond to requests from DLI.

  • Quick and easy access to files and contact information for all parties.

  • Electronic service of documents for claims, disputes, appeals and rehabilitation forms.

  • Email notification of filings to claims, disputes and vocational rehabilitation plans.

  • Electronic event scheduling for conferences and mediations, including the ability to provide availability for DLI Alternative Dispute Resolution mediations and conferences.

  • Electronic filing for requests for assistance, mediations and others.

  • Electronic responses to requests for information from DLI.

  • Online payment and management of DLI penalties.

Impacts to insurers, self-insurers

  • No more paper filings; submit files to DLI via full electronic data interchange (EDI) and eFROI/eSROI (webforms available).

  • Organizations manage their users and claims through a secure Campus account.

  • Share appropriate documentation with DLI to remain in compliance with all rules and regulations.

  • Easily and accurately calculate and report benefits in a timely manner.

  • Correct errors and address requests from DLI simply and efficiently.

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