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With Work Comp Campus, insurers' electronic data interchange (EDI) trading partners are able to maximize data-driven and automated processes for submitting and receiving information with the Department of Labor and Industry (DLI).

Campus allows trading partners to submit claim information via FROI and SROI EDI, and provides various metrics about reporting information. Trading partners can quickly view information relating to both accepted and rejected files within Campus.

Benefits for trading partners

  • Ability to view metrics and statistics surrounding filing information.

  • Ability to view information relating to files quickly.

  • Submission and correction of information via EDI and clearly understandable EDI transaction errors.

Impacts to trading partners

  • Eliminates paper filings; submit files to DLI via full EDI and eFROI/eSROI (webforms available).

  • Moving from the TE to the TR model for EDI transactions may impact the timeliness of filings.

  • Organizations can manage their users and claims through a secure Campus account. 

  • Maximized data-driven and automated processes minimize the need to login to Campus for the trading partner's staff.

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